Veryx Newsletter - Jan 2015

Quarterly Newsletter - Volume 12 | Issue 1 | Jan 2015



Veryx releases SAMTEST 2.0 to support smart monitoring and enhanced validation of Cloud, NFV and SDN infrastructure


Veryx Technologies ( announced the availability of SAMTEST 2.0, the industry’s most comprehensive Carrier Ethernet service design, service activation and diagnostics solution. SAMTEST is now enhanced with smart monitoring capabilities and geared up to support the evolution to NFV, SDN and Cloud testing.

MEF had announced the ‘Third Network’ initiative to enable Agile, Assured, and Orchestrated services between physical and virtual service endpoints. As Nan Chen, President of MEF said, “MEF’s Third Network vision delivers Internet-like agility and ubiquity with CE 2.0-like performance and security. The Third Network vision is based upon Network as a Service (NaaS) principles, builds upon the MEF’s extensive body of CE 2.0 work and provides a beacon for new MEF work already underway and planned.”

SAMTEST provides a solid platform for CE 2.0 service assurance and is the ideal tool for service providers considering the evolution towards the ‘Third Network’. SAMTEST supports physical probes as well as virtual probes that can be deployed as virtual machines and controlled using industry standard orchestration software such as OpenStack. Read more

Telecom Italia and Veryx are innovating on Carrier Ethernet Service Lifecycle Test Solutions


Telecom Italia ( and Veryx ( announced that they are exploring solutions to evolve Telecom Italia’s service lifecycle testing capabilities.

For Telecom Italia, CE 2.0 certification is only the first step in its service evolution path. As part of CE 2.0 Service Management Lifecycle, Telecom Italia is scouting innovative solutions for Service Activation Testing (SAT), providing deep verification of the network devices involved in the service chain, while ensuring that the Service Levels Specification (SLS) are met for connectivity, configuration and performance.

One of the main challenges in CE 2.0 service management lifecycle is the availability of the right tools to help design standard services, perform comprehensive Service Activation Testing and proactive SLA monitoring while at the same time optimizing the cost and effort involved in the testing and troubleshooting aspects.

Telecom Italia is jointly innovating with Veryx, a leader in CE 2.0 testing. Read more

Veryx adds Time Warner Cable to its list of SAMTEST customers


Veryx SAMTEST has been seeing increased adoption by Service Providers offering Carrier Ethernet 2.0 services. Carrier Ethernet Service Providers have being using Veryx SAMTEST to expedite their CE 2.0 Service design, benchmark the service customizations as per customer requirements, comprehensive turn-up testing and quick troubleshooting of CE 2.0 services.

Veryx Technologies recently announced the addition of Time Warner cable to its list of SAMTEST customers. Time Warner Cable is using Veryx SAMTEST for validating their portfolio of MEF Carrier Ethernet 2.0 service design in the lab environment. Using SAMTEST, Time Warner Cable is able to automate testing for conformance of its portfolio of Carrier Ethernet 2.0 services.

KulCloud joins hands with Veryx for benchmarking their SDN Controller solution


Recently KulCloud commissioned Veryx to measure the performance of KulCloud OpenMul Controller.  OpenMul is an OpenFlow based SDN controller platform, designed for performance and reliability needed for deployment in mission-critical networks.

Veryx PktBlaster SDN controller test, an integrated test solution that emulates a real-world SDN network consisting of both the orchestration and network infrastructure layers, was used to perform the testing. Veryx PktBlaster SDN solution is software-based, runs on commodity hardware, is scalable and can be automated.

In its effort to create an industry-wide standard methodology for testing SDN controllers, Veryx has proposed its testing methodology in its draft proposal submitted to Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)*, for benchmarking SDN controllers for flow performance, scalability and reliability.

Click here, to learn more about PktBlaster SDN or download a free trial.




Veryx presents in MEF Carrier Ethernet 2.0 Revolution seminar


Veryx Technologies presented two sessions in 2015 MEF Carrier Ethernet 2.0 Revolution seminar series held at Seoul, South Korea on December 10, 2014.

The MEF CE 2.0 Revolution seminar featured an in-depth look at Carrier Ethernet 2.0 (CE 2.0) services, wholesale Access services, service management and operations, and its applications in the context of SDN, Cloud and Mobile Backhaul optimization.

Isabelle Morency, VP of Engineering at Veryx, presented a session on ‘Carrier Ethernet Wholesale Services’ explained how the MEF CE 2.0 Wholesale Ethernet Access standard speeds-up and reduces the cost of interconnections and opens up new local and global business opportunities for service providers.

Webinar: Achieving CE 2.0 Network Integrity : A solid foundation to enable the Third Network’


Veryx hosted a live webinar on the topic ‘Achieving CE 2.0 Network Integrity: A solid foundation to enable the Third Network’. Most recently and building upon the strengths of CE 2.0 and the agility of the Internet, telecommunication networks are evolving to enable more flexible, dynamic and on-demand services, giving rise to a whole new set of network testing requirements. Also, MEF has announced the ‘Third Network’ initiative to enable Agile, Assured, and Orchestrated services between physical and virtual service endpoints using existing networks, as well as NFV, and SDN.

In line with this evolution, the webinar discussed about:
–    A new approach to optimize CE 2.0 service design
–    Cutting-edge test methodologies for service activation
–    Proactive means to detect and diagnose service degradation
–    How to increase availability using automated diagnostics and assisted troubleshooting
–    Innovative test solutions designed to follow the evolution from CE 2.0 to the ‘Third Network’ paradigm.

Click here to watch the webinar video.
Click here to download the presentation.

MEF GEN 14 – Veryx showcased SAMTEST Service Assurance and Monitoring solution for service providers


At GEN14, Veryx showcased the award winning SAMTEST solution which enables tremendous time and cost benefits for service providers and wholesale access providers in terms of MEF CE 2.0 service design, service activation, diagnostics and monitoring.

Isabelle Morency – VP Engineering, Veryx gave a presentation of Veryx’s viewpoint at the panel discussion titled ‘Unlocking Revenues with Standardized CE 2.0 Wholesale E-Access Services’. During the discussion, Isabelle explained how a North American carrier achieved increased operational efficiency by administering CE 2.0 wholesale E-Access Services by using tools aligned with MEF CE 2.0.

If you had missed us at the event, click here to learn how we help in MEF CE 2.0 service design, activation, monitoring and diagnostics.

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