Network Emulation for Benchmarking SDN Controllers

Performance benchmarking and network emulation for OpenFlow SDN controllers

Software defined network emulation and performance benchmarking

Veryx PktBlaster SDN Controller Test is an integrated test solution that emulates a real-world SDN network with millions of flows, thus reducing the need for large-scale physical network infrastructure to test and benchmark SDN Controllers. It runs on suitable commodity servers.

PktBlaster SDN Controller has the ability to perform test analysis and reports. It provides comprehensive insights into the controller’s performance and also compares performance data across multiple releases.

PktBlaster SDN Controller Test emulates both the orchestration and network infrastructure layers in a single box. PktBlaster SDN Controller Test Management plane emulation also provides management controls for network orchestration.

PktBlaster-SDN controller test solution usage showing emulated components

For enterprise IT and Cloud Service Providers:

Enterprises and cloud service providers can benefit from PktBlaster SDN by determining the SDN controller behavior in real-world scenarios. For instance, a data center topology can be quickly created and the path re-provisioning capabilities of the controller can be determined. PktBlaster SDN can simulate network impairment scenarios to help enterprises determine the stability and performance of various controllers.  Enterprises and service providers can also measure the performance parameters of different controllers and choose the controller which suits the service requirement best.

For equipment manufacturers:

Equipment vendor can use PktBlaster SDN to test controller’s capability to process various traffic types and provisioning of flows. They can also use the reporting feature to compare controller performance across different builds. Also since each controller build is bound to vary, the equipment manufacturer can use the robustness tests of PktBlaster SDN to determine the controller stability by simulating real-world failure scenarios.

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  • Eliminates the need for large-scale physical network infrastructure.
  • Verifies the robustness of your network product or application.
  • Software solution that utilizes Veryx or commodity servers.
  • Provides comprehensive insights into the controller’s performance and also compares performance data across multiple releases.