Comprehensive performance management across the lifecycle of IP and Ethernet services

Carrier Ethernet MEF 3.0 and IP  Service Design, Turn-up testing and Active Performance Monitoring

Service providers and operators are looking for efficiency and reliability in tools to effectively design, roll-out and manage their Ethernet/IP network services whether it is for Business Services, Cloud and Data Center Interconnect, Mobile Backhaul or Wholesale. SAMTEST is an award winning, one-stop solution for service testing and monitoring from Layer 2 through Layer 7, all in a single platform.

SAMTEST supports a full range of automated test libraries for:

  • MEF 3.0, including service attributes and bandwidth profile (as per MEF 10.3) and SLAs. All MEF defined service types are supported namely, E-Line, E-LAN, E-Tree, E-Access, Access-ELine and E-Transit
  • ITU-T Y.1564 and RFC 2544 methodologies for IP and Carrier Ethernet testing
  • TCP benchmarking (RFC 6349), UDP benchmarking
  • HTTP, VoIP and video on demand (VoD) testing

SAMTEST provides comprehensive standards aligned IP and Carrier Ethernet service performance monitoring. SAMTEST’s active performance monitoring (APM) is industry’s first MEF 35.1 compliant tool for service assurance. SAMTEST provides the efficiency and capability required by service providers to perform device independent monitoring of Ethernet services.

SAMTEST uses PM Initiators placed at suitable aggregation nodes to generate synthetic SOAM frames for layer 2 and ICMP and UDP Echo packets for layer 3 service links. SAMTEST supports physical and virtual Veryx PM reflectors as well as other third-party reflectors.

SAMTEST’s Northbound RESTful API interface facilitates easy integration with existing OSS and back office systems.


Figure 1: Service testing for wireless mobile backhaul network with SAMTEST


Figure 2: Active Performance monitoring using SAMTEST