Performance monitoring and benchmarking cloud and data center interconnects

Service Performance Monitoring and Benchmarking for Cloud and Data Center Interconnects

Interconnects between data centers as well as for access to cloud and data center services require high quality reliable links.

Live monitoring of such interconnects need to ensure that performance degradations and downtime is minimized, if not eliminated. Using passive monitoring and then trouble-shooting using traditional test tools is likely to result in higher downtimes.

Also for benchmarking of interconnects using manual methods can be time-consuming and error prone.

SAMTEST for Service Performance Monitoring and Benchmarking

SAMTEST provides standards aligned IP and Carrier Ethernet service performance monitoring. SAMTEST’s active performance monitoring (APM) is industry’s first MEF 35.1 compliant tool for service assurance.


Figure 1: Data Center Interconnect monitoring with SAMTEST

Veryx PM Initiators (physical or virtual) placed at suitable aggregation nodes generate synthetic SOAM frames for layer 2 and ICMP and UDP Echo packets for layer 3 service links. SAMTEST supports physical and virtual Veryx PM reflectors as well as other third-party reflectors.

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SAMTEST supports automated test libraries for benchmarking interconnect links:

  • CE 2.0 Carrier Ethernet testing based on MEF CE 2.0 for comprehensive service verification including service attributes and bandwidth profile (as per MEF 10.2) and SLAs.
  • IP and Carrier Ethernet and testing based on ITU-T Y.1564 and RFC 2544 methodologies
  • TCP benchmarking (RFC 6349), UDP benchmarking
  • HTTP, VoIP and video on demand (VoD) testing

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