Monitoring and visibility of Cloud and data center infrastructure and applications

Infrastructure Monitoring and Visibility for Cloud and Data Center

Cloud and Data center infrastructure broadly comprise three aspects namely, the servers (compute, storage and virtualization), the network (LAN & WAN) and the applications.

Infrastructure monitoring and visibility for Cloud and Data center are being provided by utilizing a range of technologies- from SNMP polling, flow-based and packet based tools, helping IT operations understand and optimize the performance of servers and network infrastructure components.

Application monitoring tools track end-user performance of applications and focus on monitoring the quality of the end user’s experience via application interactions across all application and infrastructure tiers.

Data Center and Private Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring

RETINA performs proactive monitoring of cloud and data center infrastructure, providing an unified view with superior traffic visibility, thereby helping to maximize uptime and achieve higher efficiency and ROI benefits.

RETINA provides an overlay view of tenant infrastructure over the physical infrastructure, enabling IT teams understand the impact on application performance in case of any potential problems.

Some of technologies used in RETINA include:

  • Active performance monitoring (APM) using MEF 35.1
  • Traffic analysis using virtual and physical taps

Virtual infrastructure visibility

Veryx vTAP is a lightweight pluggable software component that provides 100% visibility of inter VM traffic in KVM hypervisor environments. It works in conjunction with Veryx RETINA and Net Analyzer, as well as third party network monitoring solutions.