Testing, benchmarking, monitoring, visibility and diagnostics for SD-WAN, IP, Carrier Ethernet, Cloud and NFV

With ever-increasing bandwidth demand and subscriber growth, deploying and maintaining an increasing network footprint with limited technical resources, time and budget could quickly become very burdensome. Network carriers face the challenge of delivering services at lower opex without sacrificing network performance or jeopardizing quality of service.

Veryx solutions have been deployed with several leading network carriers. Veryx products and services speed up validation and monitoring capabilities, ensure efficient operation and alignment to the latest industry standards.

Visibility and Monitoring: Veryx CLOUDMON and Veryx vTAP provide visibility and monitoring  capabilities:

  • CLOUDMON TELCO provides service performance monitoring and diagnostics
  • CLOUDMON ITIM provides unified monitoring and visibility for physical & virtual infrastructure used in data center and cloud
  • Veryx vTAP in conjunction with Veryx or third-party analyzer provides visibility for virtual environments deployed in telcos, data centers and enterprises

Carrier Ethernet and IP testing: Veryx SAMTEST and Veryx ATTEST help verify Carrier Ethernet and IP network services quickly and effortlessly

  • SAMTEST supports service design testing, service turn-up testing, performance benchmarking, and troubleshooting. SAMTEST supports physical and virtual probes. SAMTEST supports verification and visibility for NFV environments.
  • ATTEST provides comprehensive conformance testing for Carrier Ethernet, L2 and L3 protocols, encompassing standards such as IEEE and IETF.