Testing, benchmarking, monitoring, visibility and diagnostics for IP, Carrier Ethernet, Cloud, NFV and SDN

Veryx offers solutions for automated test, visibility and analytics spanning the following technology areas:

Carrier Ethernet, IP testing and monitoring: SAMTEST and ATTEST help assess Carrier Ethernet and IP service capabilities quickly and effortlessly

  • SAMTEST supports service design testing, service turn-up testing, performance benchmarking, troubleshooting and performance monitoring. SAMTEST supports physical and virtual probes.
  • ATTEST provides comprehensive conformance testing for Carrier Ethernet, L2 and L3 protocols, encompassing standards such as IEEE and IETF.

Cloud monitoring and visibility: RETINA, vTAP and SAMTEST help monitor, provide visibility and benchmark data center and cloud

  • RETINA provides unified monitoring and visibility for physical & virtual infrastructure used in data center and cloud
  • Veryx vTAP in conjunction with Veryx or third-party analyzer provides visibility for virtual environments deployed in telcos, data centers and enterprises
  • SAMTEST provides service performance benchmarking, monitoring and diagnostics for Cloud and data center interconnects (DCI), using physical and virtual probes.

NFV testing and visibility: SAMTEST supports verification and visibility for NFV environments. It includes vProbes (test probes as VNFs) for active testing and vTAPs (virtual TAPs) for visibility.

SDN testing: PktBlaster-SDN provides performance benchmarking and emulation of SDN Controllers, and Veryx ATTEST conformance test suites for SDN Controllers and Switches.