High Accuracy Active Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics for IP & Carrier Ethernet

Service Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics

Telco service assurance teams at NOCs face many operational challenges to efficiently monitor service performance to assure customers’ QoS and this ensures SLA guarantees, including:

  • Customer experience management
  • Accurate SLA measurements based on device statistics
  • Errors introduced during network expansion or changes

Service assurance teams have traditionally depended on alerts and alarms generated on their centralized dashboards for troubleshooting using passive monitoring tools. However, more often than not, they find it challenging in correlating events and faults in live networks.

Isolating errors for analysis and ensuring adequate and relevant capture of data traces during failures is a key challenge that service assurance teams face.

SAMTEST has been designed keeping these challenges in view and delivers substantial reduction in time and effort in performing diagnostics with ease.

SAMTEST provides active monitoring capabilities based on synthetic frames for

  • Layer 2 using IEEE 802.1ag/ITU-T Y.1731
  • Layer 3 using ICMP, UDP Echo

Unlike NID-based offerings, SAMTEST is a vendor independent solution that not only eliminates interoperability issues, but also ensures monitoring capabilities independent of the network elements.

SAMTEST helps substantially reduce the mean time taken to repair (MTTR) and enhances the quality of service assurance. Thus SAMTEST helps increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

SAMTEST provides a centralized data store at the SAMTEST Controller. SAMTEST PM Initiators may be distributed to optimally monitor the network. SAMTEST provides both physical and virtual PM initiators & reflectors.

Figure 1- Monitoring IP circuits

Figure 1: Monitoring IP-based Business Services using SAMTEST


Figure 2: L2 Monitoring using virtual PM reflectors and NIDs with SAMTEST

Data Center Interconnect monitoring with SAMTEST

Figure 3: Data Center Interconnect monitoring with SAMTEST


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