WAN Monitoring

WAN monitoring for mission critical enterprise networks

WAN performance monitoring for Enterprises

Enterprises running mission critical applications are highly dependent on the reliability of WAN links between their sites and data centers or cloud. Often though enterprises invest in expensive bandwidth, the reality is that unless they monitor and ensure the performance of these links on a continuous basis, they are vulnerable to face performance hits. Live monitoring of interconnects should ensure that downtime is minimized on applications for medical, financial, gaming, retail etc.

Unlike traditionally available solutions, SAMTEST performs active (synthetic) monitoring to alert degradation and potential faults before they occur, so network administrators can breathe easier. SAMTEST measures and records the real-time performance of the network with high accuracy, enabling network administrators to take the needed corrective actions proactively and quickly.

SAMTEST provides standards aligned IP, MPLS and Carrier Ethernet service performance monitoring. SAMTEST’s active performance monitoring (APM) is industry’s first MEF 35.1 compliant tool for service assurance.

WAN Monitoring for enterprises

Figure 1: WAN monitoring with SAMTEST

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