Traffic visibility

Traffic visibility for security and compliance

Enterprise data traffic visibility for virtual environments

Data visibility is a critical capability of today’s networks in the Enterprise for applications and services delivered using physical and virtual infrastructure. Traditional monitoring methods of SPAN/mirror ports or physical TAPs are not capable of providing visibility for today’s virtual infrastructure environments.

The need for visibility and related challenges are evident for applications such as

  • Security: Enterprises need to on guard against intrusions and attacks
  • Compliance: Enterprises need to ensure effective and timely management of compliance aspects in areas such as finance & accounting, health etc.
  • Diagnostics: IT teams require real-time insights of their network for effective management and diagnostics.

With Veryx vTAP, complete visibility of inter-VM/VNF traffic is provided and the aforementioned challenges can be addressed.

Also, Xorus FlowAnalyzer passively monitors the network and collects packet, application, and transaction data for continuous monitoring and fast troubleshooting. It delivers powerful capabilities, such as micro-bursts events, automatic application discovery, rich application performance metrics and end-user experience monitoring.