Infrastructure monitoring

Infrastructure monitoring for mission critical enterprise networks

Enterprise IT infrastructure monitoring

With more organizations opting to moving their applications to cloud-based environments, there is a fast growing uptake in use of data center and cloud infrastructure. As a result, IT administrators face a number of challenges in monitoring the performance, security and availability of such infrastructure:

  • Monitoring performance of highly distributed, virtualized, data center and private cloud-based applications
  • Dynamic nature of use of distributed loads resources and movements
  • Sudden surge of user traffic and bandwidth needs
  • Ensuring that traffic bottlenecks are identified and rectified
  • Making sense of multiple performance management and diagnostics tools

With RETINA, IT administrators can confidently and efficiently monitor and diagnose data center and cloud infrastructure performance. Retina is the only tool that IT administrators really need to get a unified view of the infrastructure and predictive insight on potential degradation of services delivered.

RETINA Deployment in enterprise data center

Figure 1: RETINA Deployment in enterprise data center / private cloud

RETINA Benefits

RETINA delivers very compelling benefits for IT administrators supporting mission critical applications

  • Improves availability – Proactive alert notification gives warnings for potential disruptions before they occur
  • Optimizes resources – Key Performance Indicators allow optimization of infrastructure for better application performance
  • Provides usage analytics – Gain insights into tenant-based usage patterns and application spikes
  • Drastically reduces downtime – Quickly troubleshoot performance issues with live metrics correlation, detailed diagnostic information and historical trends