interconnect monitoring and benchmarking

Evaluate and assure network service quality

Cloud & Data Center

Ensuring SLAs and determining performance bottlenecks is a major challenge when data center and cloud capabilities are derived from distributed and dynamic services, when function and data run on different virtual servers and networks. Also visibility of inter-VM traffic is a problem since physical visibility solutions are incapable of supporting visibility in virtual networks.

These challenges if not addressed can often result in service degradation, poor user experience and unauthorized data access and impact business continuity. Thus there is a need for a solution that detects and diagnoses network anomalies and performance issues.

Cloud and Data Center Infrastructure Monitoring

Cloudmon performs monitoring of cloud and data center infrastructure, thereby helping to maximize uptime and achieve higher efficiency and ROI benefits.

Virtual Infrastructure Visibility

Veryx vTAP is a lightweight pluggable software component that provides 100% visibility of inter-VM traffic in virtual environments. It works in conjunction with Xorus FlowAnalyzer and third party virtual network monitoring solutions.

WAN performance benchmarking and monitoring

SAMTEST is used to perform performance benchmarking and monitoring of data center and cloud interconnects.