Monitor Servers, Network, Hosts and Applications



  • Optimize Resources – Key performance indicators (KPIs) allow administrators to optimize infrastructure – without over or under provision
  • Capacity Planning – Helps plan infrastructure resources to match business demands
  • Improve Availability – Intelligent alert notification gives warnings for potential disruptions before they occur
  • Effective troubleshooting – Dive deeper into diagnostic information, data correlation and historical trends
  • Comprehensive dashboards – View real-time alerts for accurate decision-making
  • Cost Optimization – Achieve improved availability, resource conservation and quickly determination of root cause of issues


  • Intel i7 or equivalent, 8 GB RAM (recommended 16GB), 1 TB HDD
  • Virtual system requirement:
    • 8vCPU, 8 GB RAM (recommended 16GB), 1 TB HDD
  • Hypervisors supported:
    • KVM(Qemu 2.0.0, libvirt 1.2.2)
    • VMWare ESXi 6.0 / 6.7

Veryx Cloudmon provides a live and unified visualization of the IT infrastructure — covering the network and server, enabling IT and DevOps teams, to easily manage and administer the infrastructure within a datacenter or a server farm within the enterprise.

Cloudmon provides key performance indicator (KPI) metrics and threshold crossing alerts (TCA). It also correlates the metrics and provides valuable inferences based on the correlation.

Cloudmon performs active availability monitoring, while being part of the production network to detect degradations proactively. When thresholds are exceeded and potential SLA violations are likely to occur, Cloudmon notifies IT administrators in real-time, so that corrective actions can be initiated before failures occur. Thus, potential impact on applications are minimized, ensuring better user experience and customer satisfaction.
This also improves availability, since intelligent alert notification capabilities give in-depth information about potential disruptions before they occur.

Cloudmon collects metrics related to servers, storage, network devices and the connectivity between them. Thus usage patterns, application spikes and resource utilization can be tracked easily.

Cloudmon provides smart diagnostic capability for troubleshooting with intelligent data correlation and historical trends.

When combined with Veryx virtual TAPs (vTAPs), Cloudmon provides visibility to the traffic between VMs and thus ensures that the IT Administrators can better understand the nature of such traffic, whether it be for compliance or security.

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