Smart Industrial Networking

Development and testing for Industrial Smart Networking

Industrial Networking

Industry 4.0 and Industrial IOT have become the key buzzwords in the Industrial Smart Networking market today.

Industrial plants rely heavily on reliable communication between field and control center, instrumentation of control process, automation and system intelligence. Over the years, lot of effort has been invested to improve the communications function, monitoring capability and control operations as well as optimize cost. This has led to many factories and control centers to upgrade to Industrial Ethernet networks.

With Industries rapidly migrating to Industrial Ethernet network between their facilities in order to provide cost effective connectivity and increase productivity, Network Equipment Manufacturers are developing switched Ethernet-based technologies that cater to industrial ethernet migration. Apart from network transition, control processes improvements where machines and controllers can improve production through self-optimization and automatic decision-making. With proliferation of technologies like intelligent sensors, cloud computing and data analytics means that better integration of these aspects can deliver more opportunities to innovate.

Development Services

Veryx expertise in Industrial Ethernet development enables equipment manufacturers to support RTOS based development, re-engineering, middleware components, building software prototypes.

Testing Services

Veryx’s industrial Ethernet quality assurance (QA) services are an ideal complement to the efforts of equipment manufacturers’ testing teams.


Veryx’s team of experts uses proven methodologies and tools to help customers achieve their objectives, which include:

  • Minimizing cost of ownership
  • Accelerating time-to-market
  • Sustaining competitive advantage
  • Ensuring excellent product quality
  • Optimizing resource utilization


Veryx’s expertise in Industrial Networking domain includes:

  • Communication Protocol development
  • Enhancing Management system with monitoring capability
  • Building real-time data analytics capability
  • Testing Industrial Ethernet network and associated management system
  • Consulting for technology migration – Industry 4.0 and Industrial IoT


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