Smart Grid Services

Veryx provides validation services for Industrial Smart Grids & Substation Automation applications

Smart Grid Services

With increasing demand in the power sector for electricity, there is a need to evolve a grid system that manages it in a reliable and sustainable manner. These grids can monitor and manage the transport of electricity, generated from renewable and non-renewable sources, to meet the varying demands of end-users.

The monitored data needs to be analyzed by power-grid operators, with connectivity between the grids and operator being provided by data communication network standards-bodies IEC defined standard – IEC 61850. This defines the protocol between the grids and the grid operator. This standard covers a range of devices like intelligent electronic devices, rugged routers, switches and security devices and various smart grid applications.

Veryx Smart Grid Services include validation of:

  • Communication Devices
  • Monitoring and Control Solutions
  • Network Management Solutions

Veryx offers Smart Grid Services that will benefit OEMs developing devices for Smart Grids, and infrastructure developers building smart grids or helping in Sub-station Automation. They can achieve greater efficiency and flexibility, as well as higher ROI by partnering with Veryx. The Veryx team of experts uses proven methodologies, tools and processes to achieve customers’ objectives optimally.