Smart Industrial Networking

Smart Networks

With infrastructure and technologies converging, the necessity to build a smart environment becomes indispensable. Infrastructures such as electric utilities, voice and data services, transportation infrastructure, etc., need to be smarter in their own ways. This leads to development of smart devices for their own environment which are networked to provide greater business value, efficiency and functionality. Networking of smart devices, also called Smart Networks, which includes high-speed sensor, RFID, industrial Ethernet switches, firewalls, management entity, etc., is getting prominence.

Veryx Smart Network Services include validation of:

  • Industrial Ethernet Devices
  • Smart Network for a specific environment
  • Management & Control Software

Veryx offers Smart Network Services that will benefit OEM developing devices for smart networks, and Infrastructure developers building smart networks. By partnering with Veryx in this, our customers can achieve efficiency and flexibility, as well as higher ROI. The Veryx team of experts uses proven methodologies, tools and processes to achieve customer’s objectives optimally.