Test Automation Services

Maximize productivity in testing teams

Test Automation Services

Network service providers and equipment manufacturers realize the benefits of test automation in accelerating the productivity of their test teams.

By partnering with Veryx, customers are assured that such productivity benefits are achieved. Our test experts are accomplished engineers who understand the QA process, various test-beds, and automation.

Often customers want testing solutions to be developed on their own proprietary test frameworks rather than use other third party test frameworks. They want flexible testing solutions which do not lock them to specific platform(s) or framework(s).

Veryx introduced one of the very earliest automated testing frameworks, with key innovations on flexibility, analysis and convenience. With continued innovation, the ATTEST framework is used by over 60 companies worldwide for all of their conformance, functional and system testing needs. Veryx test automation builds on this expertise, offering customers the ability to design their automation architecture in a manner suited to their testing, while optimizing on existing features and flexibility. With a database of over 25,000 test cases, Veryx is a proven, trusted and customer-focused partner helping customers to quickly implement their automation environment.

Veryx Test Automation Options

Veryx provides a flexible range of options:

  • Automated test development on customers’ existing proprietary or third party test frameworks
  • Automated tests developed on Veryx ATTEST – a flexible and intuitively user-friendly framework
  • Migration of test framework and test suites from existing platforms to ATTEST-based framework
  • Integration with a wide variety of third-party traffic generators
  • Integration with customer equipment
  • Test case scripting in Tcl/Tk, Perl, Python etc.

All these options can be tailored to specific customer requirements through various delivery and engagement models based on customer needs.


Some of the key benefits of Veryx’s solution are:

  • Improved test productivity
  • Elimination of errors resulting from manual testing
  • Increased bandwidth for development efforts
  • Reduction of overall costs
  • Faster time to market


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