Veryx System Integration Testing

Veryx’s System integration service assures high quality, seamless system integration by establishing disciplined and optimal implementation approach

System Integration Testing for cloud providers, cloud enablers and Enterprise IT

Network Service Providers (NSPs) are often short of expertise for integration and deployment of multivendor solutions. Often the awareness of appropriate tools and methodologies for system integration may be lacking. The same is the case with Cloud Service Providers and Enablers. The reason behind this is that trends like SDN and Cloud are very new and are still evolving. It takes a relatively large amount of time and other resources to master the technology and seamlessly deploy it according to customer requirement.

Only an expert in these technology areas can help the NSPs to successfully deploy and integrate the software in SDN and cloud-based networks to improve a product’s time to market. This approach is also more efficient from the production and economic points of view.

At Veryx, we have experts across Carrier Ethernet, Enterprise and Application Infrastructure domains such as core, access, networking, unified communications and IP switching. Our system integration services offer a comprehensive portfolio that enables you to launch new services at accelerated speed and with higher quality.

Our system integration and testing portfolio includes:

For cloud providers, cloud enablers and Enterprise IT:

Cloud Solution Integration and Deployment

  • Integration of open-source/commercial cloud solutions with cloud management system
  • Automation of provisioning services

OpenStack Integration and Deployment

  • Enhancing OpenStack to match customer specific requirements
  • Developing/Integrating business logic as per customer needs
  • OpenStack based cloud deployment

For Network service providers and Enterprises IT:

SDN Integration and Deployment

  • Deploying OpenStack and CloudStack based SDN networks.
  • Integrating orchestration software including open-source and proprietary software to SDN controller.

Interoperability Testing and Acceptance Testing

Veryx’s System integration services assures high quality, seamless system integration by establishing disciplined and optimized implementation approach.

  • ­    Proof–of-Concept validation
  • ­    Performance and Scalability
  • ­    Resiliency
  • ­    Interoperability
  • ­    Functionality of network applications ( e.g. Load Balancing)
  • ­    Flexibility (VM Migration)
  • ­    Benchmarking