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Software Maintenance and Support

Typical development teams spend much of their effort in performing routine maintenance and support activities for products which are in the maintenance phase, rather than on new product lines or software releases.

With Veryx’s software maintenance and support services, customer teams are able to focus on developing new features and products for the market, instead of performing monotonous software maintenance activities.

Veryx provides a team of support experts who can provide long term continual maintenance and customer support services aligning with customer SLA. Software maintenance services provided by Veryx are categorized according to ISO/IEC 14764.

Veryx follows a well-defined, time-proven and future-proof maintenance process which promotes preventive maintenance so that the effort spent on customer reported issues can be reduced drastically. We provide range of software maintenance capabilities that include

  • Software Maintenance support
  • Enhancements to existing software
    – Software upgrades
    – Functionality upgrades
    – Bug fixing  and change request handling
    – Performance optimization
  • Technology migration services
  • Post release support

Veryx software maintenance and support services ensure that efficient software maintenance and support strategies are in place. Our strategy also assures that high quality services are offered with reliable software infrastructure, resulting in tangible savings at high service levels without compromising on software quality.