SDN and Cloud Migration

Design, implementation and management of SDN and Cloud based networks

SDN and Cloud Migration

Though technologies such as SDN and Cloud have been introduced to the market a few years back, they are still evolving rapidly. In addition, there is a dearth of skills and tools for development and deployment of multi-vendor solutions in these technologies.

With a thorough understanding of the networking world, Veryx technology migration services combine network architecture and design, development, adaption and integration of various components involved in the networks to bring new and unique technologies to market on schedule. Veryx technology migration services enable its clients to design, implement and manage fully functioning networks.

Veryx engineers develop SDN and Cloud-based network applications for customer requirements. They also enhance and customize existing applications in the field of SDN and Cloud networking.

Veryx development services for Cloud include:

  • Automation of provisioning services
  • Development and integration of business application as per customer requirements
  • Design and implementation of OpenStack and CloudStack based cloud deployments

Veryx Development Services for SDN include:

  • Developing applications for customer requirements
  • Enhancing or customizing existing SDN applications for customer requirements
  • Design and implementation for deploying OpenStack and CloudStack based SDN networks

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