Software Defined Network

Veryx enables network services providers, cloud services providers and enterprises implement and verify SDN

SDN Test and Network Service

The Open Networking Foundation (ONF) has been spearheading a broad industry effort to define and advance Software Defined Networking (SDN) in order to overcome the limitations – complexity, inability to scale and vendor dependence – that Carriers and Enterprises face in meeting the explosive demand for mobility and bandwidth in the next generation of networks.

SDN architecture provides a new architecture to build highly scalable, flexible networks that readily adapt to changing business needs. This mandates that the providers of such solutions perform specialized testing to ensure that the network delivers to the expectations of the new networking model.

Several industry initiatives, such as OpenStack, CloudStack, Floodlight, Open Daylight, and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), aim to address the architecture and functions of one or more component as defined in the ONF framework.


Veryx ‘s development and testing services could be an ideal complement to the efforts of Equipment Manufacturers and Service Providers, since it results in their benefiting from efficiency, flexibility and higher ROI, when partnering with Veryx.


Veryx’s team of experts uses proven methodologies and tools to help our customers achieve their objectives, including:

  • Minimizing cost of ownership
  • Accelerating time-to-market
  • Sustaining competitive advantage
  • Ensuring product quality
  • Optimizing resource utilization


Veryx’s expertise, in the area of SDN, includes both development and testing aspects pertaining to:

  • Forwarding plane (OpenFlow, Network Performance, Scalability. etc.)
  • Control plane (Path Computation, Virtual Overlay Network Management, RESTful APIs, etc.)
  • Applications (Orchestration, Traffic Engineering, Security, etc.)
  • Infrastructure deployment and integration services (OpenStack, CloudStack, etc.)
  • Scalability, High Availability, etc.)

Specific Veryx Service offerings for various segments include:

Testing for Network Equipment Manufacturers, Network Service Providers and Enterprises

  • Testing OpenFlow/Non-OpenFlow-based SDN networks for Functionality, Performance, Scalability, etc.
  • Test plan development and test automation

Application Development for Network Service Providers and Enterprises

  • Developing applications for customer requirement
  • Enhancing/customizing existing applications for customer requirement

Integration and Deployment for Network Service Providers and Enterprises

  • Deploying OpenStack and CloudStack-based SDN networks
  • Integrating orchestration software, including open-source and proprietary software, to SDN controller