Cloud Infrastructure Testing

Veryx helps Enterprises and Cloud Providers confidently migrate to virtualized cloud infrastructure


In recent years, organisations are looking towards adopting virtualization strategy to realize substantial cost savings, greater flexibility and improved scalability. As a result, organisations are transitioning to virtualized environment – server, storage and network that provides agile, automated, scalable and on-demand resources.

Though the transformation to virtualized cloud infrastructure provides numerous benefits, it comes up with inherent challenges in delivering scalability, security and performance. These challenges if not addressed can result in service degradation, poor user experience and unauthorized data access which will impact their business continuity.

Veryx expertise in cloud deployment and testing, helps enterprise, data center and cloud providers to quickly deploy and validate their infrastructure thereby assuring reliable transformation. Hence, organisations can leverage Veryx’s expertise, resulting in higher efficiency, flexibility and ROI benefits.


  • Minimize cost of ownership
  • Accelerate time-to-market
  • Optimize resource utilization
  • Sustaining competitive advantage


Veryx’s expertise, in the area of Cloud, includes development, deployment, testing and automation aspects pertaining to:

Cloud Infrastructure Testing and Automation Service

  • Validation of virtualized environment for performance, resiliency, scalability and security.
  • Interoperability testing of multi-vendor cloud solutions
  • Cloud deployment testing (e.g., performance, scalability, API functions)
  • Cloud automation and continuous integration (e.g., Chef, Puppet, Jenkins)

Cloud Development and Deployment Service

  • Deployment of Private cloud with OpenStack and SDN
  • Integration of existing IT applications with cloud management system
  • Enhancement of OpenStack for customer requirement
  • Network monitoring and performance management