Multi-cloud Networking

Orchestrating Networking, Security and Visibility With Ease across Multiple Clouds

Multi-cloud Networking​​​

Multi-cloud networking provides the capability to manage networking services across cloud providers (private or public) as well as on-premises data centers. While some workloads remain in the on-premises data center, workloads may be hosted in multiple public clouds. Hence the need to provide consistent networking and security policy, governance and visibility across multiple clouds such as AWS, Azure and GCP.​

Multi-cloud networking can be quite challenging for enterprises, since they need to have their IT engineers familiar in operational aspects of different cloud environments. Veryx helps customers who face these multi-cloud networking challenges, by developing a unified network usage across private and public cloud environments, using cloud native or third-party capabilities.

Common Service Model​​​

Veryx helps to create a common logical architecture, with a control plane that connects with the ecosystem of cloud solutions and inherently provides security and orchestration across services and multiple clouds. This involves also developing a common service registry, which provides a real-time directory of services, along with load balancers and virtual IPs.​​​​​

Finally Veryx performs with the necessary planning and implementation of necessary governance and compliance, with access control rules and tracking requirements.​​​​​​

Network Automation​

Veryx helps developing multi-cloud infrastructure automation with tools such as Hashicorp Terraform or Itential. This covers enabling network middleware devices to subscribe to service changes from the service registry, enabling highly dynamic infrastructure that can scale significantly higher than static-based approaches. This enables enterprise-IT to offer a shared service focused on application delivery velocity – shipping software every more rapidly with minimal risk.​​​​​​

Alkira Cloud Services Exchange (CSX)​

Veryx offers Alkira CSX — an on demand, unified multi-cloud network as-a-Service, with Integrated network services and governance. This takes the complexity of multi-cloud networking out and instead offer a standardized interface via an overlay of Alkira cloud exchange points that provide a single connection to the multi-cloud world.​​​​​​​ Click here to know more.

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