Increase Agility, Scalability and Development Velocity


Cloud native applications have many inherent benefits. They allow businesses to deploy, iterate and redeploy quickly and easily. They also help streamline costs and operations, making it easy to automate a number of deployment and operational tasks.

On considering the benefits of microservice architecture and cloud-native applications, many organizations are today considering either to modernize their existing monolithic applications or build from scratch. Either of these approaches could have a serious impact on the application and business performance, if it is not thoroughly analyzed, planned, and implemented in the right manner. Every application requires customized architecture to support better security, availability, connection latency, etc.

At Veryx, we bring a pragmatic approach to modernize microservice adoption for businesses who wish to transform to support cloud-native applications. We work with organizations in every stage – planning, re-architecting, testing, and implementing CI/CD pipelines to speed up the delivery.

Software Modernization

Containerization and microservices model increases flexibility, independent scalability of modules, resiliency, easy up-gradation, etc. All these parameters are appealing theoretically, but as when more and more features are added to the application, the complexity increases and hampers the effectiveness of all these parameters.

Our methodology applies a consolidated and progressive approach of breaking down the application in legacy architecture into working individual components, create connectivity by associating data, security and networking configurations, optimize components for better performance, and containerize each component.

Infrastructure Monitoring

As components in microservices architecture work independently and communicate mostly through APIs, it is necessary to monitor the health of each component and trace every operation in the environment. It is well known that monitoring and tracing in this environment is extremely difficult as management and connection endpoints are abstracted by orchestration tools.

We use Veryx Cloudmon, Veryx BrightVue and other open-source monitoring tools such as Prometheus, Grafana, Kibana, etc. together to monitor each component in the microservices environment and alert users for every unintended event. To know more, read our case study – Monitoring and Alerting solution for Kubernetes.

For more information, read our blog on how to monitor Kubernetes (k8s) clusters using free open-source tools – Prometheus and Grafana based container monitoring.


Continuous improvement is inevitable to demonstrate agility and make the application up-to-date. Automation is not only a boon to reduce the time-to-market, but also increases internal releases, testing cycles, and helps maintain the standard process.

Our experience in different container orchestration tools available for private and public clouds such as Kubernetes, Amazon ECS, Amazon EKS, etc. helps to build CI/CD pipelines and thus increase agility and operational efficiency.

We put our two decades of experience in testing and test automation to help organizations identify the right set of tools, integrate them, and automate the testing. This accelerates testing with higher productivity and the desired time to market. To explore further read this case study – Monitoring and alerting solution for Kubernetes cluster.

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