Alkira and Veryx Multi-Cloud Networking Solution

Accelerating multi-cloud adoption with unified networking-as-a-Service​

Across industries, cloud computing has become a critical component of business. The cloud model has made it easy for computing, storage and other services to be consumed on-demand. But though organizations are motivated to move their applications from on-premise data centers to public cloud and also leverage SaaS offerings, the pace of change has been slow as cloud networks do not offer the same level of agility and the same level of consumption models flexibility achieved by compute and storage.​​​

Thus, cloud networking tends to be complex and often become more of a business inhibitor than an enabler. This complexity becomes exponentially worse as customers move from one cloud to multiple clouds. According to top analysts, more than 80% of enterprises have a multi-cloud strategy. But multiple disparate public cloud architectures mean that organizations have to acquire deep network expertise for each individual public cloud offering.​​​​

Alkira Cloud Services Exchange Solution​​​​

Alkira solves above challenges with its Alkira Cloud Services Exchange (or CSX), industry’s first unified multi-cloud network delivered as-a-service.​​​​​​

Using Alkira CSX, Veryx helps businesses design and implement cloud networking that simplifies the process of connecting remote locations to and across public clouds and insert on-demand network services (like Firewalls), with full operational visibility and governance.​​​​​​​


The Alkira CSX is built on a highly available and resilient network of globally distributed Alkira Cloud Exchange Points™ (CXPs), the virtual multi-cloud points of presence. Alkira CXPs are interconnected over high bandwidth low latency infrastructure.​

Alkira CSX Benefits​

The Alkira solution allows organizations to turn networking for the cloud from a business inhibitor to a business enabler, while providing the following main benefits:​​​​​​​

  • Faster time to cloud reduces deployment time from months to minutes in full alignment with business SLAs​​
  • High bandwidth, low latency network from remote sites to public clouds (AWS, Microsoft Azure and GCP) and SaaS/Internet applications, and between multiple public clouds or multiple regions of the same public cloud ​
  • Eliminate cloud-specific limitations by building a multi-region, multi-cloud overlay network, leveraging cloud-native and advance routing and security constructs
  • Global security policy enforcement by leveraging firewalls of choice and global symmetric traffic steering ​​​​
  • Elasticity to accommodate on demand capacity, e.g. periodic high-volume data transfers, seasonal retail customer uptake, etc.​​
  • End-to-end segmentation between remote sites, public cloud instances, cloud network services and SaaS/Internet exit points for compliance and sensitive or secure applications​​
  • On demand/subscription consumption cost model to ensure customers are only charged for the network and network services resources they actually consume​​​​​
  • High availability and resiliency backed up by high uptime service guarantee​​​
  • Full visibility to eliminate operational blind spots and improve day-2 operations​

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Alkira and Veryx Multi-Cloud Networking Solution