Time Synchronization Testing

Veryx has expertise in testing for Time Synchronization in Mobile backhaul network, Industrial Ethernet networks and Ethernet Audio/Video networks

Time Synchronization Testing Services

With the transport of all telecommunication services over unified and packet-switched platforms, telecommunication networks are evolving into Converged Packed Switched Networks.

SyncE Testing

Two of the most widely deployed methods of synchronization are – 1588v2 (Precision Timing Protocol) and SyncE (Ethernet Synchronization Message Channel Protocol frequency and time distribution).

Veryx has the capability to verify these implementations in equipment used for Mobile Backhaul, Industrial networks and Ethernet Audio/Video networks.

Veryx’s testing solutions are an ideal complement to the efforts of equipment manufacturer’s testing teams, since, when partnering with Veryx, they result in benefiting from efficiency and flexibility as well as higher ROI .


Veryx’s team of experts uses proven methodologies and tools to help our customers achieve their objectives, which include:

  • Minimizing cost of ownership
  • Accelerating time-to-market
  • Sustaining competitive advantage
  • Ensuring product quality
  • Optimizing resource utilization


Veryx’s testing expertise in Time Synchronization testing includes:

For 1588v2

  • Functionality and Scalability Tests
  • Performance Testing based on G.8261 Traffic Profiles
  • Clock Accuracy/Quality Tests
  • Protocol Message Format Verification

For SyncE

  • Conformance Test based on ITU-T 8262
  • ESMC Protocol Message Format Verification

Time Synchronization Testing Services



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