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SAMTEST details

SAMTEST : Automated Network Testing, Benchmarking and Diagnostics

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SAMTEST details

SAMTEST Product Highlights

Compliant to MEF, ITU-T and IETF Benchmarking Standards

Highly Flexible & Scalable
Support for Physical (COTS) and Virtual Test Probes – no proprietary hardware

Optimize your Network
Support for Burst testing and Token bucket

One touch, centralized, fully automated testing and smart diagnostic solution that significantly saves testing time

Easy OSS integration
Easy integration with OSS/BSS framework and other applications using Northbound interface

SAMTEST Features

Feature Support
Automated test libraries support  RFC 2544, Y.1564, MEF CE 2.0, MEF 3.0
Diagnostics 802.1ag/Y.1731, Smart Loopback, Ping, Trace route 


  • MEF 3.0 service verification for ELINE (Ethernet Subscriber Services - MEF 6.2) and E-Transit services (MEF 51.1 and MEF26.2).
  • MEF CE 2.0 service verification for ELINE, ELAN and ETREE (Ethernet Subscriber Services - MEF 6.1) and Access ELINE services (MEF 33)
  • IP / MPLS service verification using ITU-T Y.1564
Reports  Dashboards, Graphical charts, Birth Certificate, Customer Portal
Test interfaces  1G/10G/25G/100G* (* Requires Xena Traffic Generator)
Hardware support


  • Whitebox / UCPE: Lanner NCA-4210B or equivalent
  • Xena ValkyrieCompact / ValkyrieBay
Virtual probes (vProbes)


  • Hypervisors - KVM(Qemu 2.0.0, libvirt 1.2.2), VMWare ESXi 6.0 / 6.7
  • Docker
  • Public Cloud - AWS EC2

Detailed Use Cases

MEF Compliance

SAMTEST can be used for quick automated compliance testing in preparation for certification and before undertaking network software upgrades.

SAMTEST supports MEF 3.0 and MEF CE 2.0 testing for comprehensive service verification including service attributes and bandwidth profile (as per MEF 10.3) and SLAs to determine aspects such as

  • How well does the circuit perform shaping or policing of traffic at ingress
  • How does the circuit handle burst capabilities
  • How does the circuit handle Layer 2 control protocols and SOAM frames
  • How does the circuit provide support for capabilities such as multi-CoS, multiple bandwidth profiles, multiple EVCs per UNI etc.

With SAMTEST, network design engineers and architects can be fully confident about passing certification as well as fulfilling committed SLAs to customers.

Mobile Backhaul testing
SAMTEST can be used to easily perform service activation testing when rolling out mobile networks whether 4G or 5G.

Being a centralized solution, SAMTEST enables quick service activation testing before handover of circuits to customers, by completely automating the testing

involved. Utilizing SAMTEST automated test libraries that not only results in drastic reduction of testing effort, but also ensure repeatability and consistency of test results and analysis.

SAMTEST ensures circuits that are well tested before handing over to customers and ensures that any potential faults in the network are uncovered quickly.

SAMTEST can be used to test and benchmark circuits using RFC 2544 or ITU-1564 tests. SAMTEST is used by network design teams to verify conformance, benchmark SLA compliance, benchmark network scalability, optimize equipment utilization, benchmark network equipment and verify interoperability.

SAMTEST L4 – L7 Performance Benchmarking helps enterprises and service providers to quickly measure the quality of experience for end users for TCP, HTTP and VoIP services.


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