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Virtualized Testing for Dynamic Services –
Intel® Chip Chat: Network Insights episode 41

Veryx - Intel Podcast

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Veryx VP, Isabelle Morency at MEF Seminar – Wholesale Ethernet Services
Veryx VP, Isabelle Morency at MEF Seminar – Overview of Carrier Ethernet 2.0
David Charlu Chief Executive Officer, Veryx at MEF GEN14
Interview with Muthu Kumaran, Founder & President of Veryx Technologies


Webinar Videos

Service Assurance Across SDN, NFV, CE 2.0
Virtual Test Agents for Service Assurance
Assuring carrier grade services in NFV
 Achieving CE 2 0 Network Integrity
Deploying SDN  
Migrating to CE 2.0 with Veryx SAMTEST 


Product Videos

Demo – Veryx SAMTEST Comprehensive Service Assurance Solution
Demo – PktBlaster SDN Controller Test – Performance Benchmarking
Demo – PktBlaster SDN Controller Test – Network Emulator
Veryx ATTEST CE 2.0 benefits
Veryx ATTEST Demo for CE 2.0 testing
Veryx G.8032 solution for Ethernet Ring Protection Testing
Veryx ATTEST Carrier Ethernet OAM Testing
IP/Ethernet Test – Veryx ATTEST Test Framework