Virtual Test Probes (vProbe)

Virtual probes for flexible performance management across the life cycle of Business IP & Ethernet services

Virtual Probes for Testing, Benchmarking and Monitoring of Networks and Applications

Veryx Virtual Probe (vProbe) is a virtual test entity that enables addressing various aspects performance management across the life cycle of business critical Ethernet services delivered using NFV, Cloud and SDN-based infrastructure. Veryx vProbe is aligned with ETSI MANO architecture and enables service providers to quickly perform service assurance testing.

Veryx vProbes available for 1GbE/10GbE port speeds, can be spun-up on x86 hardware at the centralized NFVI PoP or as VNFs on Distributed NFVI such as virtualization capable network elements including switches, routers, vCPEs, etc.

Veryx vprobe

Using virtual probes, reduces the investment in hardware and the associated truck-roll while testing. It also provides flexibility to easily scale up or scale down the test topologies in the field.


  • Negligible system resource utilization
  • No additional investment on hardware based test resources
  • Dynamic transfer of vProbes is rapid across the network
  • Operational efficiency is high as vProbes can be placed in virtual environments unlike physical test probes


Ultra-compact footprint

With its extremely small footprint, Veryx vProbe can be quickly spun-up and is hence ideal for the Life-cycle Service Orchestration (LSO) world where dynamic service configuration, turn-up testing, on-demand monitoring is required. This not only enables quick and flexible testing and monitoring capabilities, but also accelerates automation of vProbe based solutions. The ultra-compact nature ensures that dynamic transfer of vProbes is rapid across the network, with minimal system resource utilization. In case of other solutions, where virtual probes occupy a significant amount of resources, the VNF entities do not get a share of the system resources.

Traffic generation and analysis up to 10 Gbps

Veryx vProbe supports 100M, 1G and 10G throughputs with flexibility for measurement with different frame sizes. Hence additional investment on hardware based test resources can be minimized using SAMTEST vProbes, as the network grows.

Support for OpenMANO

Since Veryx vProbes support OpenMANO, users can readily perform service assurance testing. Most NFV PoCs are based on OpenMANO — Enterprises and cloud providers have started adopting OpenMANO for their datacenter deployments. Hence, utilizing Veryx vProbe offers flexibility for quicker integration with the aforementioned stakeholders.

Applications for Veryx vProbe

  • Service turn-up testing and troubleshooting for NFV/Cloud based services.
  • Monitoring of services and network functions on an ongoing basis.
  • Proof-of-concepts for planning migration from traditional networks to NFV based networks.
  • Field validation of NFV architecture designed
  • On-demand diagnostics of live deployments
  • Virtual entity that can be used similar to any Ethernet or IP tester for traffic generation and packet capture as well.