Virtual Network Tap (vTAP)

Virtualized network tap for inter-VM or inter-VNF traffic visibility in NFV, Cloud and SDN networks

Virtual Tap (vTAP) based Network Visibility Solution for SDN, NFV and Cloud

Veryx vTAP is a software-based tap that gives full visibility of VM / VNF traffic in virtual computing environments for monitoring virtual networks and applications.

With Veryx vTAP, complete visibility of inter-VM/VNF traffic is provided and any performance issues can be detected quickly and the aforementioned challenges can be addressed.

Veryx vTAP is valuable in the following real world scenarios:

  • Traffic visibility in virtual environments
  • Determining performance bottle necks at VM/VNF level
  • Anomaly detection and network forensics
  • Tap network performance to support third party analytics solutions

Veryx vTAP works with third-party network packet brokers (NPBs) and the traffic collected can be analyzed with Veryx FlowAnalyzer and other security and compliance tools.

vTAP Features:

  • Utilize negligible system resources

    Many VM-based virtual tap solutions consume a significant amount of system resources for VNF monitoring. However, the Veryx vTAP is lightweight and easily installable. This result in negligible amount of system resources and thus allowing service providers to retain system resources for the VNFs hosted on the systems.

  • Rapid and live deployment without any server downtime or kernel update

    Veryx vTAP controller allows deployment of taps on a single click, without any server downtime. Kernel based taps are not advisable as they may potentially affect the overall stability and reliability of the system.

  • Support isolation of traffic at tenant / service level

    A single node can have VNFs belonging to different services. While other vTAPs allow VM/VNF level monitoring, Veryx vTAP offers traffic isolation both at a VM/VNF and tenant / service level. Thus a service provider can understand the resource consumption and traffic flow for each service. With Veryx vTAP, when service providers offer multiple services, they can monitor the current capacity of the network and current volume of traffic that is coming in for each service. Hence, the service provider can perform capacity planning for network in terms of resource requirement for future needs.

  • Advanced traffic segregation option for trouble shooting

    Veryx vTAP can clearly segregate ingress direction and egress direction instead of performing a full traffic mirroring. During trouble shooting, this is highly relevant as it eliminates overheads and allows the service provider to narrow down on the actual bottlenecks.

  • Pre-integrated with OpenStack

    OpenStack is becoming popular among enterprises and service providers for their datacenter deployments. OpenStack based deployments utilizing Veryx vTAP is very simple, as it is pre-integrated with OpenStack. Service providers can now utilize a single dashboard for both VM/VNF and vTAP installation/configuration. This in turn reduces the management overhead associated with vTAP usage.

  • Monitoring Traffic between VMs/VNFs in a single hypervisor

    The currently available physical tap solutions support only monitoring traffic of VMs/VNFs present across different hypervisors. This leads to a blind spot in inter-VM/VNF traffic where the following cannot be determined:

    • The potential threats to a VM/VNF within a hypervisor
    • Performance bottlenecks when VMs/VNFs within the same hypervisor are trying to communicate.


  • Negligible deployment downtime
  • Provides single dashboard for orchestration and monitoring
  • Enables full traffic visibility without compromising system performance
  • Scales as the network grows
  • Reduces OPEX by increasing diagnostics and monitoring capabilities


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