Real-Time Network Visibility, Security and Intelligence

Xorus FlowAnalyzer – Network performance monitoring and visibility for Micro-bursts, Anomaly detection and end-user experience

While supporting mission critical applications, IT operations teams know that potential problems can be lurking anywhere-at the end-user device, on the network, or across application infrastructure, but cannot get to the right level of analysis quickly or easily enough. They need a performance management solution that provides visibility across the entire network and application delivery environment.

Traditional network visibility approaches which are based on periodic polling often only provide limited insights. Per second polling intervals completely miss micro-bursts that take place in a sub-second basis.

Xorus FlowAnalyzer is a distributed and scalable network traffic analytics system with real user experience monitoring. It brings together advanced application and transaction insight, comprehensive end-user experience monitoring, and deep network intelligence into a single appliance to provide broad visibility into your network or application performance problems, with real-time flow based network monitoring.

Xorus works with third-party network packet brokers (NPBs), which collect traffic using Veryx vTAP or other third-party physical or virtual TAPs.

Xorus passively monitors the network and collects packet, application, and transaction data for continuous monitoring and fast troubleshooting. It delivers powerful capabilities, such as micro-bursts events, automatic application discovery, rich application performance metrics and end-user experience monitoring.

Xorus FlowAnalyzer

Key Features:

  • Provides deep network analytics
  • Monitors micro-burst activity and alerting with microsecond granularity
  • Captures and correlates congestion in real time
  • Tracks bandwidth utilization for all users and applications
  • Reports top users, application and domains
  • Monitors end-user experience for all users, all applications, all the time
  • Provides end-user experience monitoring
  • Intrusion detection, TCP SYN attack, Port scan, TCP tear-drop

With a holistic view of network, application performance plus the ability to contextually drill into domain-specific details, with Xorus FlowAnalyzer, IT operations teams are able to get better visibility of their network and improve resolution time for application and network outages.

Key Benefits:

  • Minimizes downtime on mission critical networks
  • Isolates potential bottleneck early, enabling pro-active capacity planning
  • Helps to pro-actively manage usage and performance trends
  • Vendor independent solution