BrightVue FlowAnalyzer

BrightVue Flow Analyzer Probe: Full network visibility for on-premise and cloud traffic

Enabling mission critical infrastructure for digital transformation

With Veryx BrightVue FA, you get 100% network visibility of all traffic across your mission critical infrastructure – whether on-premise or cloud, at a price that is affordable.

Key Benefits:

  • Monitors network security and availability
  • Identifies potential bottlenecks early, enabling pro-active capacity planning
  • Vendor independent solution without proprietary hardware
  • Affordable, software-based product

How it works:

Veryx BrightVue FA probe is a distributed and scalable network traffic analyzer. It passively monitors the network and collects packet, application, and transaction metadata and pushes it to Veryx BrightVue NTA/NDR/XDR, for continuous monitoring and fast troubleshooting.

Veryx BrightVue FA works with third-party network packet brokers (NPBs), which receive traffic tapped using Veryx vTAP or other third-party physical or virtual TAPs.


Figure 1. How Veryx BrightVue FA works

Figure 1. How Veryx BrightVue FA works

Key Features:

  • Minimizes downtime on mission critical networks
  • Provides deep network analytics
  • Provides end-user experience monitoring
  • Captures and correlates congestion in real time
  • Tracks bandwidth utilization for all users and applications
  • Reports top users, application and domains
  • Monitors end-user experience for all users, all applications, all the time
  • Application performance measurement for more than 200 popular business and recreational applications
  • Cybersecurity risk analysis
  • TLS / SSL traffic analysis
  • Intrusion detection
  • Monitoring Industrial & IoT traffic (Modbus / Scada etc.,)
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Veryx BrightVue FA probes and NTM Controller software can hosted on-premise or in cloud

With a holistic view of network, application performance plus the ability to contextually drill into domain-specific details, with Veryx BrightVue NTM, IT operations teams are able to get better visibility of their network and drastically improve resolution time for application and network outages.

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