Unified view of private cloud and data center infrastructure status, with real-time monitoring and service impact analysis

RETINA for Unified Proactive Monitoring for Cloud and Data Center

With more organizations opting to moving their applications to cloud-based environments, there is a fast growing uptake in use of data center and cloud infrastructure. As a result, IT administrators face tremendous challenges in monitoring the performance, security and availability of such infrastructure.

With RETINA, IT administrators can confidently and efficiently monitor and diagnose data center and cloud infrastructure performance. Retina is the only tool that IT administrators really need to get a unified view of the infrastructure and predictive insight on potential degradation of services delivered.


Figure 1: RETINA Deployment – Data Center/ Private Cloud

RETINA benefits

RETINA delivers very compelling benefits

    • Improves availability – Proactive alert notification gives warnings for potential disruptions before they occur
    • Optimizes resources – Key Performance Indicators allow optimization of infrastructure for better application performance
    • Provides usage analytics – Gain insights into tenant-based usage patterns and application spikes
    • Drastically reduces downtime – Quickly troubleshoot performance issues with live metrics correlation, detailed diagnostic information and historical trends

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RETINA components

RETINA consists of:

RETINA Controller

RETINA controller is the brain for the Retina solution. It collects information from various data sources like Test Agent, TAPs, Network Elements, Orchestrators, etc., and uses it for network & server monitoring/diagnostics. It collects metrics related to server, storage, network devices and the connectivity between them and provides key performance indicators and threshold crossing alerts. It generates actionable conclusions to predict infrastructure breakdown and initiate recovery process, before it becomes catastrophic.

Veryx Virtual Test Probe (vProbe)

Veryx vProbe is a virtual active monitoring probe capable of sending and analysing specific traffic pattern for the purpose of monitoring and diagnosing of any network including data centre network. It is deployed in the strategic points in the network to facilitate monitoring and diagnosis of the network. It provides the controller with periodic updates for further analysis and reporting.

Veryx Virtual TAP (vTAP)

Veryx vTAP provides complete visibility of VM traffic in virtual computing environments. It installs in the hypervisor as an application along with virtual switch, the software component that manages communication between the virtual network interface controllers (vNICs) of the VMs.

Veryx vTAP provides 100% visibility of inter-VM traffic both within and across hypervisors. It can work in conjunction with existing physical network tap solutions, thus supporting existing hybrid networking environments where both physical and virtual components co-exist. It supports advanced traffic filtering capabilities and tunneling encapsulation.