Testing and Benchmarking for MEF 3.0, CE 2.0, RFC 2544, Y.1564 and Performance Monitoring based on Y.1731 and TWAMP


Probes for Testing, Benchmarking and Monitoring


Probes supported by Veryx SAMTEST can be used to generate Ethernet traffic at line rates for testing to MEF 3.0, CE 2.0, RFC2544, Y.1564 requirements. They can also be used for continuous monitoring of performance SLAs in telco production networks. The traffic generated by the probes can be received at the other end by a peer Veryx probe or looped back by a peer access device to perform the required measurements.


Figure 1: Physical and Virtual Test Probes


As shown in figure 1 above, Veryx supports a number of Ethernet and IP test probe options to cater to the varying requirements of network service providers. (Note: Xena Valkyrie traffic generator hardware are supplied by Xena Networks ApS.)

Veryx vProbes are used in VM based environments (Linux KVM, VMWare EXSi, and AWS EC2), whereas Veryx cProbes are used in container-based environments (Docker). They can be spun-up on x86 hardware at the centralized NFVI PoP or as VNFs on Distributed NFVI such as virtualization capable network elements including switches, routers, vCPEs, etc.

All Veryx probes include Veryx PktBlaster test automation and traffic generation and analysis toolkit designed for testing Carrier Ethernet and IP based devices. With PktBlaster toolkit, it is possible to define and generate hundreds of transmit- and receive-streams with their own exclusive traffic profile. Each stream can generate many unique traffic flows by using programmable packet field modifiers.