SAMTEST Monitoring and Diagnostics

Proactive network service performance monitoring - Reduce downtime, improve SLAs, increase customer satisfaction

Active Performance Monitoring and Intelligent Diagnostics for IP and Carrier Ethernet Services

SAMTEST provides comprehensive standards aligned IP, MPLS and Carrier Ethernet service performance monitoring for point-to-point Ethernet service links. SAMTEST provides service providers with a reliable and proactive monitoring solution that helps deliver higher customer satisfaction.

SAMTEST provides the efficiency and capability required by service providers to perform device independent monitoring of Ethernet services. SAMTEST performs Carrier Ethernet performance monitoring using synthetic SOAM (Y.1731) frames and of layer 3 service links using ICMP and UDP Echo.

SAMTEST’s active performance monitoring (APM) is industry’s first MEF 35.1 compliant tool for service assurance. SAMTEST is unique in its ability to provide intelligent diagnostic capabilities helping network engineers effectively and quickly determine causes of SLA failures.

 Figure 1- Monitoring IP circuits

Figure 1: Monitoring IP-based Business Services using SAMTEST

SAMTEST provides the efficiency and capabilities required by service providers to effectively monitor their Ethernet/IP network services for Cloud and Data Center Interconnect, Business Services and Mobile Backhaul.

SAMTEST’s Northbound RESTful API interface facilitates easy integration with existing OSS and back office systems.

SAMTEST is well suited for NFV, SDN and Life-cycle Service Orchestration (LSO) based environments.


Figure 2: L2 Monitoring using PM reflectors and NIDs

Veryx probes periodically measure service performance parameters such as Frame Delay, Inter-Frame Delay Variation, and Frame Loss Ratio for all the circuits. These data then become then are the basis for analytics as SAMTEST gathers the service performance of each of these circuits on a continuous basis. SAMTEST provides graphical views and performance details over different time spans as required.

When SLA violation occur, SAMTEST Intelligent auto diagnostics provides enhanced troubleshooting to help quickly analyze the cause of such SLA violations.

SAMTEST dashboard

Figure 3: SAMTEST performance monitoring dashboard and analytics


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