IT Infrastructure Monitoring

Smart Unified IT Infrastructure Monitoring For Data Centers and Enterprises

Cloudmon IT Infrastructure Monitoring (ITIM)

Monitor Servers, Network, Hosts and Applications


  • IT Monitoring Tool Consolidation: Cloudmon ITIM is a single tool that comprehensively covers monitoring across cloud, virtual and legacy server environments, network device monitoring for Health and Bandwidth, remote user device monitoring for Health and System Performance and WAN IP end-point monitoring for Availability and QoS
  • Remote workforce device monitoring: Cloudmon ITIM helps effectively monitor all remote devices proactively for Health and Performance, detect anomalies on device and facilitate better troubleshooting based on measurements on remote device
  • Data Center Monitoring: Cloudmon ITIM performs pro-active monitoring of critical network infrastructure across cloud, virtual and legacy server environments, perform continuous monitoring and measurement of network QoS metrics for all remote sites, detect network QoS issues before users experience them, isolate network and application issues, isolate LAN and WAN issues etc.



  • Optimize Resources – Key performance indicators (KPIs) allow administrators to optimize infrastructure – without over or under provision
  • Capacity Planning – Helps plan infrastructure resources to match business demands
  • Improve Availability – Intelligent alert notification gives warnings for potential disruptions before they occur
  • Effective troubleshooting – Dive deeper into diagnostic information, data correlation and historical trends
  • Comprehensive dashboards – View real-time alerts for accurate decision-making
  • Cost Optimization – Achieve improved availability, resource conservation and quickly determination of root cause of issues

Figure 1 : Monitoring of Servers, Hosts, Remote User Devices and Networks using Cloudmon ITIM All-in-One


Veryx Cloudmon ITIM provides a live and unified visualization of the IT infrastructure — covering the network and server, enabling IT and DevOps teams, to easily manage and administer the infrastructure within a datacenter or a server farm within the enterprise:

  • Cloudmon ITIM Controller is available in AWS marketplace and runs as AMI, may be installed in other public cloud or on-premise on customer provided x86 server. Cloudmon ITIM controller provides metrics related to server, VM, network devices and the connectivity between them.
  • Cloudmon ITIM Probe software collects accurate measurements across the environment. The Probe software is available in AWS marketplace and runs as AMI, may be installed in other public cloud or may be installed on a customer provided x86 based server.
  • Cloudmon ITIM Agent software resides on servers and host computers for collection of system KPIs and health parameters.

In figure 1 above, both the controller and the probe shown running from AWS cloud. This configuration is called Cloudmon All-in-one.  In other cases, if network QoS over WAN links to remote locations (e.g., branch offices) are also to be monitored, the probe needs to be deployed at the main site also (see figure 2).

Figure 2 : Monitoring of branch offices and networks using Cloudmon ITIM

Cloudmon ITIM provides key performance indicator (KPI) metrics and threshold crossing alerts (TCA). It also correlates the metrics and provides valuable inferences based on the correlation.

Cloudmon ITIM performs active availability monitoring, while being part of the production network to detect degradations proactively. When thresholds are exceeded and potential SLA violations are likely to occur, Cloudmon ITIM notifies IT administrators in real-time, so that corrective actions can be initiated before failures occur. Thus, potential impact on applications are minimized, ensuring better user experience and customer satisfaction. This also improves availability, since intelligent alert notification capabilities give in-depth information about potential disruptions before they occur.

Cloudmon ITIM collects metrics related to servers, network devices and the connectivity between them. Thus usage patterns, application spikes and resource utilization can be tracked easily.

Cloudmon ITIM provides smart diagnostic capability for troubleshooting with intelligent data correlation and historical trends.

Cloudmon ITIM Industry recognition

CLOUDMON ITIM awarded 2021 Product of the Year



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