Conformance Test Suite

Tests for OpenFlow, Carrier Ethernet, MPLS-TP, IPv4/ IPv6, Industrial Ethernet protocol conformance

Network Equipment Conformance Testing for OpenFlow, Carrier Ethernet 2.0, Ethernet OAM, MPLS-TP, and IPv4/ IPv6 Protocols

As service providers and enterprise organizations utilize multi-vendor environments, equipment interoperability needs to be ensured through standards-based implementations. When equipment manufacturers develop new networking devices and software, compliance with networking protocol specifications, as well as compatibility and interoperability with existing products, have to be maintained. This makes conformance and regression testing crucial to ensure that new software releases do not result in failures in existing features.


Veryx ATTEST-CTS protocol conformance test suites verify compliance to IP and Ethernet-based protocols defined by standards-bodies such as IETF, IEEE, IEC, ITU-T, and MEF.

NEMs typically perform conformance testing during the protocol module development phase and at the final QA testing phase. NSPs need to perform conformance testing on equipment before network deployment to ensure better interoperability between vendors’ equipment. ATTEST-CTS test suites support 1 to 4 Ethernet test interfaces.

Test Coverage


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  • For L2 Conformance Test Suites, Click here
  • For L3 Conformance Test Suites, Click here


  • Comprehensive coverage for standard specifications – 100% conformance ensured.
  • Mapping of specification requirements line-by-line to test scenarios.
  • Categorization of test scenarios into MUST, SHOULD, and MAY – as per requirement categories.


Veryx ATTEST-XP test suites provide functional verification using pre-defined topologies of typical deployment scenarios. The ready-to-run Veryx ATTEST-XP test suites provide Ethernet-based device manufacturers and service providers with significant cost savings in their test development and automation efforts.

For Carrier Ethernet Functional Test Suites, Click here.


ATTEST-XP test cases verify device functionalities for:

  • Protocol Performance and Boundary Verification

    With the support of configuration controls, these tests provide verification for protocol performance and boundary conditions.

  • Data Handling

    Allows verification of data forwarding and behavior of the switch for data flows with both valid and malformed data packets.

  • Robustness

    Enables verification of device behavior in handling valid as well as invalid protocol messages.

  • Wire-speed Behavior

    Assures verification of device capability in handling data on selected interfaces at wire-speed when using special hardware platforms.


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