OpenStack Services

Veryx is now offering OpenStack services

With growing prominence of OpenStack within enterprise and service providers, there has been a lot of interest in customising and enhancing it for NFV, Cloud and Data Center applications.

Veryx is now offering OpenStack services as part of its professional services portfolio. This further enhances support for its customers in the areas of service assurance, performance benchmarking, visibility and analytics solutions for private/public/hybrid clouds, Data Centre, Service Provider and Enterprise networks.

Veryx OpenStack Services offerings broadly include the following:

OpenStack Based Enhancement & Integration

  • Adopting/Enhancing OpenStack for customer requirement –  proprietary extensions
  • Integrating OpenStack to SDN environment – SDN Controller Integration
  • Integrating OpenStack to OpenMANO/OPNFV architecture

OpenStack based Test & Automation

  • Testing OpenStack based Cloud deployment
  • Chef/Puppet scripts for OpenStack based deployment
  • Automated testing tools development for OpenStack deployment testing

OpenStack Based Cloud Deployment

  • Building IaaS cloud platform using OpenStack
  • Managing OpenStack based cloud environment including upgrade using CI process- git, gerrit and Jenkins
  • Deploying OpenStack based cloud prototypes based on customer requirement
  • Building Self-Service Portal or Integrating existing portal with OpenStack

Veryx’s team of experts use proven methodologies and tools to help customers achieve their objectives including minimizing cost of ownership, accelerating time-to-market, sustaining competitive advantage, ensuring product quality and optimizing resource utilization.

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