Monitoring and Diagnostics

Unified monitoring and diagnostics for private cloud and data center infrastructure

Unified proactive monitoring & diagnostics for cloud and data center

RETINA provides a unified view — covering the network (LAN+WAN) and server (compute and storage), enabling IT and DevOps teams, to easily manage and administer the infrastructure, both within and across multiple data centres. Retina shows the live status of network and server infrastructure and gives comprehensive diagnostics.

RETINA performs active monitoring, by being part of the production network to detect degradations proactively. When thresholds are exceeded and potential SLA violations are likely to occur, RETINA notifies IT administrators in real-time, so that corrective actions can be initiated before failures occur. Thus, potential impact on applications are minimized, ensuring better user experience and customer satisfaction. It also improves availability, since intelligent alert notification capabilities give in-depth information about potential disruptions before they occur.

RETINA presents a comprehensive dashboard of the status of all the entities, physical and virtual, along with real-time alerts, to support accurate decision making. When any problem is detected, it helps IT teams quickly troubleshoot performance issues with the help of live metrics correlation, detailed diagnostic information and historical trends.


Figure 1: Retina Unified Dashboard