Solutions for Small Cell Providers

Veryx SAMTEST can be used by Ethernet exchange providers in designing interconnects, turn-up testing, troubleshooting and monitoring of interconnects between multiple peering partners and specifically ensuring SLA compliance at the hand-off points.

Small Cell Providers

Small Cell backhauls are getting more complex than ever. In most cases today, the backhaul is shared, and this creates additional requirements for capacity and traffic management (e.g., QoS, OAM, and SLA management). It therefore becomes important to ensure the complete integrity of the backhaul. The heterogeneous nature of today’s mobile networks, add further to the complexity and requires that the backhaul is rigorously tested and benchmarked for various configurations before deployment, so that Self Optimizing Networks are able to deliver the expected behavior during dynamic reconfigurations.

Veryx provides unique range of specialized products and professional services to overcome these challenges in Het-Net and SON, to turn these evolutions into a competitive advantage.

Veryx Products Offerings

Veryx SAMTEST can be used by the Service providers in verifying the SLAs in their networks and troubleshooting of the small cell backhaul networks. It provides complete visibility into the performance of their networks.

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Veryx Professional Services

Veryx has nurtured a high-quality pool of resources with deep domain expertise gained through innovative product development in networking. With Veryx professional services customers gain greater flexibility, faster time-to-market and better quality of their products.

Veryx resources have deep expertise to help customers with:

Network Service Configuration and Provisioning

Veryx consultants and engineers have deep domain expertise in configuring a range of network devices spanning multiple vendors. Veryx professional services help network service providers with service configuration and provisioning. With Veryx, Service Providers can focus their own resources more on architecting innovative services.

Network Service Activation Testing and Troubleshooting

Veryx has developed deep domain expertise in network service turn-up and troubleshooting through product development and deployment. With Veryx, network service providers enhance and optimize their resource requirements for service activation testing and troubleshooting. With Veryx, service providers can focus their own resources more on architecting innovative services.

System Integration

Veryx offers test automation and integration of the service assurance test and monitoring frameworks into the existing environments, and enhances and maintains these integrations.

Veryx products and related professional services provide a compelling solution for service configuration and testing requirements of the service providers.