Solutions for Mobile Backhaul Providers

Veryx offers its products and services for validation of mobile backhaul networks for service provisioning, time synchronization, resiliency, etc.

Mobile Backhaul Providers

The mass adoption of advanced mobile devices and the growing popularity of bandwidth-devouring websites and applications are fueling an explosion in mobile data traffic. This uptick – in combination with wireless service providers’ commitment to 3G+/HSPA+ and 4G/LTE and their desire to improve margins by reducing the cost per bit of carrying voice and data traffic from cell sites – is driving WSPs to migrate to Ethernet Backhaul and to take advantage of the scalability, flexibility and cost advantages it offers.

However, as they rush to deploy more Carrier Ethernet bandwidth and expand Backhaul network capacity to keep up with the rapid growth in mobile data traffic, the challenge lies in managing service demands for high-quality associated with the various classes of services travelling over new-generation wireless networks.

Veryx provides a unique range of specialized products and professional services to overcome this challenge of next-generation backhaul assurance, and to turn Carrier Ethernet into a competitive advantage.

Veryx Products Offerings

Veryx SAMTEST is used by Service Providers to manage service design, circuit turn-up, troubleshooting and monitoring of the Carrier Ethernet circuit between the RNC site and the cell site, to gain complete visibility into the performance of the networks at service class level. SAMTEST provides complete visibility into the performance of their new network entities and the logical virtual services carried over them.

Learn more about SAMTEST.

Veryx Professional Services

Veryx has nurtured a high quality pool of resources with deep networking domain expertise gained through innovative product development in networking. Veryx offers these skills to the customers as professional services to allow greater flexibility, faster time-to-market and better quality of their products.

Veryx resources have assured expertise to help customers with:

Network Service Configuration and Provisioning

Veryx engineers have deep domain skills in configuring range of network devices spanning multiple vendors. Veryx professional services help Network Service Providers with service configuration and provisioning. With Veryx, service providers can focus their own resources more on architecting innovative services.

Service Activation Testing and Troubleshooting

Veryx has developed deep domain expertise in service turn-up and troubleshooting through product development and deployment. These help network service providers to enhance and optimize their resource requirements for service activation testing and troubleshooting. With Veryx, service providers can focus their own resources more on architecting innovative services.