Solutions for Cable and MSOs

Veryx offers its products and services for validation of IP and Carrier Ethernet networks being deployed by Cable/MSOs


Increasingly, MSOs are involving themselves in markets such as business services, mobile backhaul and wholesale access, with Ethernet being a growing part of that portfolio. Typically, cable companies were not used to offering the same guarantees against service interruptions that Telcos do, which large enterprises and mobile operators need. With the entrance of Cable/MSO players into these newer offerings, it has become necessary for these operators to strengthen their Service Assurance environments to match or even exceed the SLA promises of the Telcos to gain significant entry into the market.

Veryx provides a unique range of specialized products and professional services for MSOs to deliver the service assurance environments and thereby keep their SLA promises.

Veryx Products Offerings

Veryx SAMTEST can be used by the Service Providers in managing the circuit turn-up testing, troubleshooting and monitoring of the Carrier Ethernet circuits for business services in a multi-site environment.

Veryx SAMTEST is the most comprehensive testing platform that can ensure maximum integrity of the network and hence is ideal for partner benchmarking and certification in case of wholesale access.

Veryx SAMTEST’s customer portal can provide web-based access to the historical performance information to enterprise customers and wholesale partners besides facilitating scheduled report-generation to the both sets of customers and partners. This capability can be critical to improving performance, customer satisfaction and winning market share in an increasingly competitive market.

Learn more about SAMTEST.

Veryx Professional Services

Veryx has nurtured a high quality pool of resources with specialized networking domain expertise gained through innovative product development in networking. Veryx offers these skills to the customers as Professional Services to allow greater flexibility, faster time-to-market and better product quality.

Veryx resources will help customers with:

Network Service Configuration and Provisioning

Veryx consultants and engineers have deep domain expertise in configuring a range of network devices spanning multiple vendors. Veryx professional services help network service providers with service configuration and provisioning. With Veryx, Service Providers can focus their own resources more on architecting innovative services.

Network Service Activation Testing and Troubleshooting

Veryx has developed deep domain expertise in network service turn-up and troubleshooting through product development and deployment. With Veryx, network service providers enhance and optimize their resource requirements for service activation testing and troubleshooting. With Veryx, service providers can focus their own resources more on architecting innovative services.

Veryx products and related professional services provide a compelling solution for service configuration and testing requirements of the service providers.