Solutions for Business Ethernet Providers

Veryx offers its products and services for validation of Business Ethernet networks complying to MEF CE 2.0 standards

Business Ethernet Providers

Today’s business customers are looking for reliable, affordable Ethernet services to support their business operations. These Ethernet services are complex, require multi-site coordination, and support business-critical applications and operations. To attract and maintain business customers, service providers need to offer network services that are highly reliable and, at the same time, can support Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

While enterprises themselves will appreciate visibility into the performance of their own Ethernet services, another dimension to leveraging assurance platforms is the ability to roll out a portal for the customers to gain visibility into their service performance.

Veryx provides a unique range of specialized products to overcome these network visibility challenges. We also offer complementing professional services to ensure the Quality of Service experienced by the business Ethernet customers.

Veryx Products Offerings

Veryx SAMTEST is used by service providers to manage service design, circuit turn-up and troubleshooting of Carrier Ethernet circuits between multi-site enterprises to gain complete visibility into the performance of the networks at the service-class level.

Veryx SAMTEST’s customer portal can provide web-based access to the historical performance information for enterprise customers and also facilitates scheduled report generation to the customers. This capability can be critical to improving performance and customer satisfaction, and winning market share in increasingly competitive conditions. By providing customer portals, an operator will reduce customer-support calls, bolster customer satisfaction and provide periodic visibility into SLA compliance and the overall health of the service, even on a shared link.

Learn more about SAMTEST.

Veryx Professional Services

At Veryx, we have nurtured a high-quality pool of consultants and engineers with deep networking domain expertise gained through innovative product development. Veryx offers these capabilities to its customers as allowing greater flexibility, faster time-to-market and better quality of their products.

Veryx supports customers with:

Network Service Configuration and Provisioning

Veryx engineers have experience working with a range of network devices spanning multiple vendors. Veryx offers professional services to help service providers with service configuration and provisioning.

Service Activation Testing and Troubleshooting

Veryx engineers’ expertise in network service turn-up and troubleshooting are available to network service providers, to enhance and optimize their resource requirements for testing and troubleshooting network service activation.

Veryx products and professional services together cater to service configuration and testing requirements of service providers.