Network Access Edge Transport

Verification of functionality and performance of network access, edge and transport equipment using Veryx ATTEST

Network Access, Edge and Transport

With increasing demand for high-speed data service, both in fixed and mobile networks, equipment vendors and carriers are enhancing network access and transport infrastructure to meet these demands. Carrier Ethernet and IP are the predominant technologies that are being deployed.

Veryx provides a unique range of specialized products to meet the testing requirements of Network Access, Edge and Transport equipment manufacturers and complementing professional services to ensure product quality and reduce time-to-market.

Veryx Products Offerings

Veryx ATTEST test suites enable testing of protocol features in Network Access, Network Edge and Network Transport devices in the service provider networks.

Feature Test Solution
Carrier Ethernet

Veryx ATTEST test suites for:

OAM– Y.1731, CFM, Link-OAM

Bridging – Provider Bridges (802.1AD)

Backhaul – G.8032 (ERPS)

Services – BFD for MPLS, LDP-MPLS

MEF Conformance – CE 2.0


Veryx ATTEST test suites for:


G.8113.1 OAM


Veryx ATTEST test suites for:


Layer -2

Veryx ATTEST test suites for:



Veryx ATTEST test suites for:



Veryx ATTEST test suites for:

BGP+, IPv6, ISISv6, OSPFv3, PIM-SM/DMv6, RIPng

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Veryx Professional Services

Veryx has created and nurtured a high-quality pool of resources with deep networking domain expertise gained through innovative product development in networking. Veryx offers these skills to the customers as Professional Services to allow greater flexibility, faster time-to-market and better quality of their products.

Technology Labs

Veryx Technology Labs (VTL) offers a full-fledged network testing laboratory to enable network equipment providers to verify their implementations. Telecom vendors can now take advantage of Veryx’s products and test infrastructure to reduce their testing timelines. Through our Technology Labs Services options, Veryx provides its customers:

  • Exhaustive test library of over 20000 test cases
  • Flexible choices of test platforms and other test infrastructure
  • Independent test verification by expert Veryx test engineers
  • Options to rent needed tests assets
  • Remote VPN-based secure access to VTL lab test setup
  • Flexible engagement models

The Labs are available in USA and other locations.

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Test Automation Solutions

Veryx Automation builds on its expertise, offering customers the ability to design their automation fabric in a manner suited to their testing, while optimizing on existing features and flexibility. With a database of over 25,000 test cases, customers can quickly implement their automation environment with a proven, trusted and customer-focused partner.

Veryx provides a flexible range of options to suit varying customer needs:

  • Automated Test development on customers’ existing proprietary or third-party test frameworks
  • Automated Tests developed on the flexible and intuitively user friendly ATTEST framework
  • Migration of Test framework and test suites from existing platforms to ATTEST-based framework
  • Integration with a wide variety of third-party traffic generators
  • Integration with customer equipment
  • Test case scripting in Tcl/Tk, Perl, Python etc.

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Veryx Test-for-Hire offering delivers significant efficiencies to embedded, networking and communication solution providers, a ready-to-use, exhaustive library of tests, a well-equipped test lab and an expert testing team, by leveraging on its established ATTEST test infrastructure.

Veryx Test-for-Hire covers a full range of testing needs:

  • End-to-End testing
  • Feature testing
  • Performance testing
  • User Interface testing
  • Application testing

Veryx Test-for-Hire is customizable to suit your unique needs, enabling you to better manage the testing lifecycle of products, while delivering greater ROI and flexibility, without compromising quality.

The type of devices verified as part of the Veryx Test-for-Hire offering include switches, routers, access devices, firewalls, IDS/IPS, WLAN APs etc., which are deployed for applications in data-centers, enterprises, industrial networks and service provider networks.

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Quick Test

Veryx Quick-Test Services provides fast turnaround times for single-cycle test verification requirements. By leveraging on its established ATTEST test infrastructure, a ready-to-use, exhaustive library of tests, a well-equipped test lab and an expert testing team, customers are assured of quick results at lower budgets.

Quick-Test is ideal for requirements such as:

  • Sanity testing
  • Regression testing
  • Test Audit
  • Benchmarking

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Test Consulting

Veryx’s expertise in developing efficient test solutions for its customers can be utilized to bring Test Consulting Services to manufacturers of embedded, networking and communication equipment, as well as solution providers and large enterprises who need to perform pre-deployment verification of their networks and  improve the test efficiency and reduce overall testing budgets.

Test Consulting covers aspects such as:

  • Test Strategy Consultation and Planning
  • Independent Third-party Testing
  • Test Case Development/Review
  • Test Automation

Veryx’s professional engineering team effectively complements and supplements the customer’s testing team. Veryx can actively work with customers on enhancing their existing test suites/frames to include additional features. Veryx can help integrate third-party products into its Test Automation framework or build custom automation.

With Veryx’s test suites complemented with its professional services, the network equipment vendors and carriers are able to handle the increasing demand for high-speed data service in both fixed and mobile networks.

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