Measuring end user quality of experience (QoE)

Service and Application Benchmarking of TCP, HTTP, VoIP and UDP

Telco field teams typically need to perform Service and Application Benchmarking for IP & Carrier Ethernet services to ensure SLA guarantees.

However when they rely on NIDs to perform turn-ups, they risk an inadequate level of testing that could lead to faults when customers start using the services. NIDs do not support exhaustive testing and troubleshooting capabilities.

Also, many of the traditional tools need manual testing that is time-consuming and error prone. And often, lack of test expertise could be a bottleneck when diagnosing failures.

SAMTEST has been designed keeping these challenges in view and delivers substantial reduction in time and effort in performing these tasks with ease.

SAMTEST supports a full range of automated test libraries for:

  • IP and Carrier Ethernet and testing based on ITU-T Y.1564 and RFC 2544 methodologies
  • MEF 3.0 and CE 2.0 Carrier Ethernet testing for comprehensive service verification including service attributes and bandwidth profile (as per MEF 10.3) and SLAs
  • TCP benchmarking (RFC 6349), UDP benchmarking
  • HTTP, VoIP and video on demand (VoD) testing

Service benchmarking for mobile network

Figure 1: Service benchmarking for mobile network

TCP Benchmarking (RFC 6349) testing using virtual probes

Figure 2: TCP Benchmarking (RFC 6349) testing using virtual probes


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