Virtual Network Taps (vTap)

Automated solutions for Industrial and IoT networking

Industrial environments and IoT have been standardized with IP and Ethernet-based networks. Though the communication protocols used are predominantly the same as the ones used in enterprise networks, there are redundancy protocols such as MRP, PRP and Industrial Protocols such as Modbus/ TCP, Ethernet/ IP and IEC 61850 that are specific to industrial networks.

Industrial Ethernet Network

Figure 1 : Example of Industrial Ethernet Network

Veryx provides a unique range of specialized products to meet the test requirements of the industrial Network Equipment Manufacturers and complementing professional services to ensure the quality of their products and reduce the time-to-market.

Veryx Products Offerings

As Network Equipment Manufacturers continue to develop products using open platforms and third-party software, the availability of Veryx automated Functional Tests for verifying industrial networking protocols, provides the advantage of reduced testing time and shorter time-to-market with enhanced quality.

Veryx ATTEST Industrial Ethernet test suites provide Conformance and Functional Verification for protocols such as MRP Media Redundancy Protocol (MRP) and Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP) as defined by IEC 62439.

ATTEST IPv4 test suites provide Conformance and Functional Verification for features such as IPv4 forwarding, addressing (DHCP) and Unicast routing (BGP, RIP, OSPF, ISIS) and Multicast (IGMP, PIM-DM, PIM-SM).

ATTEST IPv6 test suites provide Conformance and Functional Verification for features such as IPv6 forwarding and tunneling, Unicast routing (BGP+, RIPng, OSPFv3, ISISv6) and Multicast (MLD, PIM-DMv6, PIM-SMv6).

ATTEST Layer 2 test suites provide Conformance and Functional Verification for features such as Spanning Tree (STP, RSTP, and MSTP), VLAN and Link Aggregation.

 Feature Veryx Products
Timing & Synchronization PTP
Security 802.1X, NAT, IKEv1, IKEv2, IPSec
Diagnostics LLDP
Routing IPv4, IPv6, RIP, RIPng, OSPF, OSPFv3,BGP, BGP-4,ISIS, ISISv6, DHCP Server, DHCP Relay Agent
Multicast IGMP Snooping,IGMP, MLD, PIM-DM/ SM, PIM-DMv6/SMv6

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Veryx Professional Services

Veryx has nurtured a high-quality pool of resources with deep networking domain expertise gained through innovative product development in the field. Veryx offers these skills to the customers as Professional Services to allow greater flexibility, faster time-to-market and enhanced product quality.

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