Traffic Visibility

Traffic visibility for Security and Compliance

Enterprises require visibility of their traffic for purposes of security, compliance or troubleshooting. But when it comes to their data center or cloud based applications, visibility of inter-VM/VNF traffic cannot be provided using traditional monitoring methods of SPAN/mirror ports or physical TAPs in virtual environments.

Veryx vTAP provides complete visibility of inter-VM/VNF traffic. Traffic that is tapped by Veryx vTAP could be sent to Veryx BrightVue or third-party analyzers. Multiple data streams from Veryx vTAP and physical TAPs may be sent directly or via a network packet broker (NPB) to the analyzers:

  • Veryx Cloudmon NTM provides visibility of the traffic in the network by analyzing packet, application, and transaction data for continuous monitoring and fast troubleshooting.
  • Veryx BrightVue XDR provides 360° cyber security monitoring, correlating data from the network as well as the perimeter and end points.

Veryx vTAP provides complete visibility in public cloud as well and thus supports both cloud-native and hybrid environments, with the collector being placed either on-premise or in cloud.

With a holistic view of network and application performance, plus the ability to contextually drill into domain-specific details, Enterprises are able to have better visibility of the traffic, whether for security, compliance or troubleshooting.