Solutions for Manufacturers

Harness the benefits of digital transformation and Industry 4.0


Solutions for Manufacturers

Many manufacturers have accelerated their digital transformation journey by deploying new technologies such as robotics, advanced analytics, cloud and real-time multimedia communications.

The emergence of Industry 4.0 (i.e., Industrial IoT or smart manufacturing), is resulting in smart manufacturing in all industry verticals, including  automotive, electronics, consumer goods, etc. Industry expects that the adoption of connected and intelligent digital technologies would further enable smart factories to enhance productivity, flexibility, competitiveness, etc.

IT teams of manufacturers who are in the process of digital transformation and adopting Industry 4.0 need to ensure that their IT infrastructure does not become a bottleneck, while they prepare for increased computing capabilities and dependence on better connectivity to supply chains to geographically dispersed and remote sites.


Top IT challenges faced by manufacturers

Veryx Cloudmon ITIM and NTM enables manufacturers to overcome challenges related to IT infrastructure and network performance:

Challenge Veryx Cloudmon visibility solution
Effectiveness of IT infrastructure Provides timely intelligent alerts for potential problems
Time critical applications Supports monitoring at high granularity for critical applications
Capacity and demand Provides reporting on utilization levels
Remote site support Supports monitoring of remote devices for quick trouble-shooting
Threats from compromised resources Provides visibility of threats from the network
Limitations of existing toolsets Consolidates and provides a unified view of servers, networks and end-points


Veryx solution benefits


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