Infrastructure monitoring

Infrastructure monitoring for mission critical enterprise networks

IT infrastructure monitoring

Today’s mission critical business services rely on their IT infrastructure – network, servers and applications whether on-premises, or in a hybrid IT environments. End users using these applications and services expect a trouble-free experience and depend on their IT team to ensure performance and availability.

Since potential problems may be lurking anywhere – in applications, servers or the network, data center and enterprise IT teams need the right tool to monitor the performance and availability of their IT infrastructure and easily understand the root causes of the problems. Downtime could cost the business a lot of money, if IT teams don’t respond detect and fix the problems quickly.

Veryx Cloudmon takes the guesswork out of your operations, with a proactive infrastructure monitoring and diagnostic solution that covers:

•Performance and health of all servers & network devices
•Network congestion and hop-by-hop analysis
•Availability of network links, network devices and Servers


Figure 1: Infrastructure Monitoring Challenges

Figure 1: Infrastructure Monitoring Challenges


Cloudmon Benefits

Cloudmon is highly scalable and easy-to-use NMS that addresses all network management needs of large enterprises, as well as mid- and small-sized networks. Purpose-built to be user friendly, Cloudmon provides all the details of network availability, fault, and performance statistics, and generates intelligent conditional alerts to notify you when there are network issues and faults. Cloudmon  addresses all the major concerns of large enterprises in their search for an optimal and affordable NMS.

•Improved ROI by saving a huge amount of time and effort through automated alerting and reporting, facilitating faster troubleshooting.
•Reduced TCO even as you continue to grow and use the product for many years.
•Highly scalable to accommodate network monitoring requirements of any-sized network, and any number of devices from hundreds of vendors and manufacturers.
•Supports distributed monitoring to enable managing multiple locations from centralised location
•High availability
•Advanced network trouble shooting for on-premises, hybrid, and cloud services with critical path hop-by-hop analysis.
•Installs, and starts monitoring within an hour, giving you ready-to-use functionality

With Cloudmon, enterprises are able to monitor their network infrastructure from a single pane of glass, using on any web browser interface, enabling them build their own customizable network operations center(NOC).

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