Cyber Security

Protecting Enterprise Networks

Cyber security based on Veryx BrightVue

With shrinking IT staff and higher use of cloud-based resources and remote working, enterprises need to depend on more efficient toolsets and analytics-based approaches to secure their enterprise. Enterprise need a comprehensive solution designed to ensure that resource constrained organizations can effectively defend themselves against threats from end-points and the network.

Key use-cases

  • See and mitigate network-based threats – Analyze network traffic for threats and anomalies over the enterprise network. Threats may be based anywhere and so it becomes important to monitor the network for them. It also correlates with Intrusion detection system (IDS) to mitigate risks from the external network.
  • Determine user and asset-based risks – Users are profiled and devices in the networks (e.g., servers, IOTs) are scanned to provide analytics.
  • Track conversations – Real-time visibility is provided for the entire network with metrics on top users, conversations and bandwidth users.
  • Defend end-points and related threats– Use agents on end-points to determine threats on host computers and monitor file integrity
  • Multi-log analysis – Integrate with other devices in the network (e.g., firewalls, switches etc.) to perform log monitoring for events and threats.

Veryx BrightVue NDR uses Veryx BrightVue FA probes to analyze network traffic for threats and anomalies over the enterprise network. It also tracks conversations in the network, as well as user and asset behavior.

Veryx BrightVue XDR is a next generation SIEM platform that combines real-time network visibility with event data logs on the devices in the enterprise, to provide enhanced insights with superlative user and entity details and performance. It includes Veryx BrightVue NDR functionality.

BrightVue NDR

BrightVue XDR

Network Detection and Response 360° Extended Detection and Response
  • Track all connected devices in the network
  • Analytics of top users, top conversations
  • User Entity and Behavioral Analytics (UEBA)
  • Network availability and  network usage
  • Network Intrusion Detection
  • Remediation guidance
  • BrightVue NDR plus these features:
  • Host security incident detection
  • File Integrity Monitoring
  • Log and event data
  • Remediation guidance