Benefits of DevOps

Benefit from Agile and Flexible DevOps in Telecom Operations for Cloud, Edge Computing, 5G and SD-WAN


One of key initiatives that telcos need to implement in order to fully realize the benefits of SDN and NFV, is the adoption of DevOps. As Telcos race to fulfill the ever-increasing demands of over-the-top (OTT) players and new-age providers such as in Cloud, Edge Computing, 5G and SD-WAN, they are compelled to continuously deliver innovations.

With DevOps, new products can be created fairly quickly. rather than waiting for months. DevOps enable product development and operational teams to collaborate and dramatically accelerate the development-to-deployment process, enable them innovate and bring out new products quicker as compared to traditional development cycles.

Some of the key capabilities to better exploit DevOps include infrastructure that supports virtualization; open APIs across multiple layers as well as effective telemetry and analytics.​

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Veryx can help assess the best strategy and tool-set to implement continuous integration (CI) and deployment (CD) pipelines for business and network applications to achieve the speed, agility, and scale the business demands.

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