NFVI / VNF Testing

Ensure NFV Infrastructure and Virtual Network Functions performance

NFVI / VNF Testing​​​

As Telcos transition their infrastructure to support network function virtualization (NFV), they are often challenged how to ensure that NFV infrastructure (NFVI) and the virtual network functions (VNFs) perform well to the expectations.​

Veryx testing coverage includes on-boarding and terminating virtual functions as well as orchestration of virtual functions, apart from traditional tests such as provisioning, functionality, performance, scalability, stress etc. Veryx provides a comprehensive coverage for all these tests, apart from handling of additional testing for pre deployment and production​ deployment scenarios. Veryx also supports its VNF test platform that includes VNF test probes as well as for VNF visibility and diagnostics.​

NFVI Testing​​

NFVI testing involves testing of virtualized infrastructure like KVM, ESXi etc for functionality, scalability and reliability characteristics. Reference VNFs of different types (including third-party) are onboarded, so that test traffic generated is used to validate NFVI for functionality and performance.​

VNF Testing​​​

VNF testing involves testing of VNFs such as vCPE, vRouter for on-boarding, instantiation, scaling, and termination apart from functionality of the VNF itself.

MANO testing​

MANO Testing involves testing of MANO components like NFV orchestrators (NFVO) and virtual infrastructure manager (VIM) for VNF lifecycle management, MANO component​interoperation and MANO component performance. Veryx onboards reference VNFs​ onto NFVI and initiates the lifecycle management operations from the MANO​ Components.

Network Service Testing​

Veryx performs validation of various types of network services for successful instantiation/termination, functionality validation and ability to auto scale. As part of the testing, the required VNFs are on-boarded for the network service and service chaining of the VNFs are done to create the network service. The network service is validated by on-boarding​. VNF testers onto the NFVI infrastructure to generate the required test traffic.​

Performance Testing​

Data plane performance testing measures throughput, latency, delay variation, loss, reliability and ability to handle exceptions and load. Control plane performance testing is used to measure the ability of the control plane VNF in terms of its capacity, responsiveness to change, exception handling and reliability.​​

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